We are open from 7.45am – 5.45pm. Your child may attend the morning session from 7.45am—12.45pm or the afternoon session from 12.45pm – 5.45pm.

Prices from 1st October 2021 are as follows (all meals are included):

Babies 0 - 2: Full day £45.00 Half day £24.00
2 – 3 age group: Full day £43.00 Half day £23.00
3 – 5 age group: Full day £42.00 Half Day £22.00

Children are entitled to a free nursery place from the term following their third birthday (if places are available). We usually admit children in either September or January. Nursery sessions run from 8.45am - 11.45am or from 12.30pm - 3.30pm or over 2&1/2 days.

Some children may also be eligible for a free 2 year old place.

Wrap around provision is available (all meals are provided):

Breakfast session 7.45am – 8.45pm £5.60 (includes breakfast)
Lunchtime session 11.45am – 12.30pm £6.00 (includes lunch)
After school session 3.30pm – 5.45 pm £12.00 (includes tea)

We keep very strict records of payment and do not allow parents/carers to go into arrears. Payment is monthly in advance.

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